Scheduling of the Cryolipolysis sessions

Before the session

Before the session, the doctor checks the area(s) to treat, specifies the goals of the procedure, and gives the patient a quotation and the consent form. A clinical examination will be performed and pictures taken from several perspectives in order to view the results before and after the check-up session (6 to 8 weeks after the session).

During the session

A film moistened with gel is applied to the skin. Then the applicator is set up on the treatment area(s) (several areas can be treated simultaneously). Suction happens, slightly unpleasant, if not sore during 5 to 10 minutes in some rare cases. Then the cold (-8°C) transmitted by the device anaesthetizes the skin and enables the treatment to be continued without any discomfort. Thus, the patient lies down during 70 minutes: he/she can read, watch a video or take a rest, with beverages available.

After the session

A massage on the treatment area during 5 minutes follows the withdrawal of the applicator. The feeling can be "slightly unpleasant". If some minor side effects might happen, this is not the case with major side effects.

The process is complete, and the patient can immediately perform ordinary tasks. No recovery time is needed after the session. The patient must not have sun or UV exposure during the following 7 days and should avoid Jacuzzi, sauna or steaming room as well. The first diminution of the fat is visible 15 days after the session but it’s only after 12 weeks that the final result of the Cryolipolysis treatment is reached. If needed after 6 or 8 weeks, the patient can ask a new session of Cryolipolysis treatment. A check-up session is essential after 6 or 8 weeks.

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