What is Cryolipolysis?

Created a few years ago in the United States, Cryolipolysis is a medical slimming technique, based on a controlled cold treatment that treats fat pads and cellulite and reshapes body contours.

Indeed, many scientific studies have shown that adipocytes are affected by the cold. In some circumstances, exposure to cold leads to the fat cells death without harming the overlying skin or the other cells that are less sensitive to the cold.

Cryolipolysis procedures use adjustable applicators sucking and cooling subcutaneous adipose tissues in a localized way. Adipocytes (where fat is stored) die and are gradually eliminated by a normal metabolic process through the lymphatic system.

In one or two sessions (maximum three), Cryolipolysis can eliminate localized and resilient fat pads with lasting results.

This technique is an efficient alternative to liposuction and can act complementarily with it. Any risk or constraint due to anaesthesia or surgical procedure (like scars) is now avoided.

Cryolipolysis offers numerous benefits :

Cryolipolysis session
Cryolipolysis session
Apparatus Cryolipolysis
Apparatus Cryolipolysis

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